Archbishop’s Message GIFT Advent 2017


Archbishop’s Message for GIFT Advent 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today, we mark the start of Advent with Jesus reminding us in the Gospel, “be alert!” (Mk 13:33) and not be complacent in our identity as His disciples. As we prepare for the coming of our Lord, I want to echo this Gospel message in our archdiocese today.

Our recent archdiocesan survey shows that over two thirds of our Catholic population in Singapore are not accounted for as they do not regularly attend Mass.

Let us help each other to remember that these are not just statistics. Each one is a person – unique and immensely important, someone we should care about as a brother and sister in Christ. He or she may be one of your loved ones who has lost his or her faith. This is someone who has the potential to grow to be a light amidst the darkness of this world as God has meant him or her to be.

This is why our archdiocese has a pastoral vision to be a more vibrant, missionary and evangelizing Church. It is our mission to reignite and strengthen the faith of every individual Catholic as disciples of Jesus Christ.

But this requires all of us, not just the Church’s organisations, the priests or the religious. All of us are called to step up our involvement in bringing Christ to our brothers and sisters.

The Catholic Foundation’s GIFT campaign is one concrete way in which we can all participate in this mission of our archdiocese. We are one Church, and we need to work together for the mission that God calls us to. I urge you to respond in faith and thankfulness.

PRAY for unity, perseverance and courage to overcome the many challenges confronting us in our mission. GIVE, because providing material resources is the most basic and fundamental way all of us can participate in this mission. ACT, because giving of material resources are important, but it is not enough.

May we truly be the light and salt of the earth for generations to come, until we reunite with our God in His Kingdom.

May God’s blessings of peace be with you always.

Yours in Christ

Archbishop William Goh


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