Giving to the Labourers of God


Giving to the Labourers of God The GIFT campaign supports many needs of the archdiocese. Lydia Lim, a lay Catholic who helps others discover their personal vocations, shares why the need to give to the … Read More

Why Gift During Advent?


Why Gift During Advent? The Giving in Faith & Thankfulness (GIFT) campaign was recently introduced in the Archdiocese on the first weekend of Advent. While some wonder why such a call for financial support should … Read More

The Spirituality of Giving

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The Spirituality of Giving As Christmas and its tradition of gift-giving draws near, Msgr Philip Heng SJ encourages Catholics to reflect on the spirituality that inspires every act of giving. It has become a cultural … Read More

Expanding Facilities for our Community

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Expanding Facilities for our Community As the archdiocese continues toward its pastoral vision, there is the urgency to improve, build and maintain its physical structures to support the Church’s growth Alongside the Catholic Church’s mission … Read More

Labourers for God

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Labourers for God There are many paid staff in the Church who labour tirelessly and often go unnoticed. Who are they and what role do they play in the vision of the archdiocese? God calls His … Read More

The Many Parts of Christ’s Body

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The Many Parts of Christ’s Body Behind the scenes, the Church is made up of numerous organisations, each working tirelessly to bring Christ to the world. Last year, when the Archdiocese of Singapore put together … Read More