Using our gifts for worthy causes

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Rebecca (left) and Rachel during their holiday in Perth. Photo: Rebecca and Rachel. Using our gifts for worthy causes Rebecca Lim and Rachel Lim, sisters aged 15 and 12 respectively, discovered a love for designing, … Read More

All are called to evangelise

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Depiction of Jesus preaching his famous “Sermon on the Mount” on a hill overlooking the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Photo: Carl Bloch, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons All are called to evangelise … Read More

The call to service

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The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew (from Duccio’s Maestà), c. 1308–1311 Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Public domain The call to service In a recent homily, Father Adrian Danker, SJ expounded on the story of … Read More

Fulfilling His Will

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Before we assume that we are doing and living according to God’s will, Rev Fr Philip Heng, SJ urges us to reflect on the quality of our daily living. Photo: VITA Images Fulfilling His Will … Read More

The Spirituality of Stewardship

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Authentic stewardship is an extension of the Church’s Eucharistic life and mission, explains Deacon Harold. Photo: James Chan from Pixabay The Spirituality of Stewardship In this article, guest writer Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers discusses the Christian … Read More

Are we sharing our blessings?

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God desires that we use all the blessings, which He has given us freely, to love one another, says Fr Philip Heng. Photo: Peter Schad on Unsplash Are we sharing our blessings? The parable of … Read More

Connecting Faith with Love

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Faith is very much related to and involving something else that also isn’t physically quantifiable and tangible – love, explains Father Luke Fong. Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels Connecting Faith with Love Are you struggling … Read More