Funding the Church

Fundraising in the Church

The Church is one body made of many parts. Thus, the funding of different aspects of the archdiocese is separated into different pools of funds, handled by different fundraisers.

The Catholic Church in Singapore consists of 31 parishes and numerous archdiocesan organisations involved in areas such as pastoral care, faith formation, social work, education, family, youth, migrants, and many more.

Donations to Catholic charities (Caritas Singapore, CHARIS and their affiliates) and to the religious congregations are kept solely for those purposes, and do not go towards funding other organisations in the archdiocese or the parishes.

Traditionally, the 31 parishes and over 100 archdiocesan organisations (apart from charities and affiliates of Caritas and CHARIS) are funded by weekly offertories and other collections made during Masses.

Until recently, only a fixed 15 per cent share of each parish’s collections are contributed to the archdiocese. Most of these collections are kept for each parish’s own needs. Beginning 2016, the 15 per cent fixed contribution was revised to a tiered system of between four to 28 per cent depending on the income of each parish.

However this contribution, even with the revised rates, continues to be inadequate for the archdiocese.

Grants disbursed so far

After the Catholic Foundation was established in 2012, it made its first call to select archdiocesan organisations for grants in 2013. In 2014, the Catholic Foundation’s second full year of operations, it disbursed a sum of $453,870 in grants. In the subsequent two years, there were exponential increases in its grant disbursements, with 2016 seeing total grants disbursed amounting to $7.4m. This increase in grants given to Catholic organisations has been in line with the rising needs of the Church. Find out more about grant disbursements in Catholic Foundation’s annual reports.


Year   Amount
2014   $453,870
2015   $912,001
2016   $7.4m *figure up to August 2016