GIFT aims to rally all Catholics in Singapore to pray for, get involved, and provide resources for the growth of the archdiocese. However, since its launch in November 2016, the level of support garnered remains unsustainable. Despite mass publicity, many still have not heard of GIFT. Even amongst those who have, many questions remain.

An Ambassador in Communities 

On top of mass communication efforts, it is clear that a complementary effort is needed to help spread the message of GIFT to more Catholics.

Beyond fundraising, GIFT is about rallying Catholics as one Church to pray, act and give.

Thus, the Catholic Foundation is calling for passionate Catholics who believe in the vision of the archdiocese to be an ambassador, and help spark a movement of support for the archdiocese’s future by:


In their own circles of influence, in their own time and with their unique talents, ambassadors can speak to Catholic friends and family about the GIFT campaign. This helps inspire the hearts around them, sow the seeds of change in Catholics and lay the path for more Catholics to support the archdiocese’s vision.

Ambassadors who are active in parish ministries, communities, or other groups, can also request for permission to speak about the GIFT campaign within these groups.

Such personal outreach will help knit the Catholic community into a network of connections vital to the transformation of the archdiocese.


Apart from personal outreach, Ambassadors also meet once per quarter, either on weekends or after office hours.

Meetings serve primarily as a platform for Ambassadors to foster a sense of community and common purpose through prayer.

These meetings will also be a platform for sharing amongst Ambassadors about the challenges faced, feedback gathered from the Catholic community, and to discuss ways to approach others.

What does an Ambassador need to do?

  • Pray for the archdiocese.
  • Advocate for the vision of our archdiocese, telling others of the good work that is being done behind the scenes, and the resources needed to keep building our Church. 
  • Bring the GIFT call everywhere – in smaller groups or on an individual basis amongst Catholics in Singapore. Ambassadors become the Foundation’s physical presence amongst the Catholic community and help to clarify queries that potential contributors might have.
  • Facilitate others in their giving. Whether on a one-off or regular basis, or to specific restricted funds, Ambassadors know how to help those willing to give to the Church do so safely and conveniently.
  • Innovate new ways of communicating GIFT, raising funds for the Church, and enlisting the help of skilled volunteers for the Foundation.
  • Stay passionate about the call to build our archdiocese and keep himself/herself updated about the journey towards achieving the vision.

Join us as an Ambassador

What hopes do you have for the Catholic Church in Singapore? What do you think can be done to grow the Church?

Your love for Jesus and His Church can be a powerful catalyst of growth. Be an ambassador and help build the Church today for tomorrow.

Fill in the following form to let us know of your interest to be a Catholic Foundation Ambassador, and we will get in touch with you!

All information provided will be kept confidential. Catholic Foundation adheres to PDPA regulations and the archdiocese’s data protection policies. Find out more at