Gift Campaign January 2018 Updates

Ervin TanGIFT Updates

GIFT Campaign Report
(26 Nov 2016 – 31 December 2017)

The GIFT (Giving in Faith & Thankfulness) campaign is a rallying call to all Catholics in Singapore to support the vision of the archdiocese to be a more vibrant, missionary and evangelistic Church. Every individual is challenged to pledge a monthly monetary contribution for the archdiocese’s operational and building needs.

The understanding, generosity and prayers of Catholics across Singapore has propelled the GIFT campaign to a good start since it was first launched in Advent 2016. To date, $18.5 million has been raised for the operational and building needs of the archdiocese.

This has only been possible because Catholics in Singapore have responded to the call to build a more vibrant, missionary and evangelistic Church. The positive response has enabled the archdiocese to begin funding capital projects, and allowed for the continued funding of archdiocesan organisations working hard to bring Christ to others.

This means the archdiocese will be more equipped with better structures, programmes and facilities, to help more encounter Christ. The response of every Catholic makes a concrete, lasting impact on the Church in Singapore. The following are some examples of how this $18.5 million will benefit the Church in the year ahead.



Office for Young People

In 2018, the Office for Young People (OYP) will run retreats, events, and a whole host of other programmes at least once per month for young people between 16 and 35 years old. On top of that, OYP will also continue its pastoral work with the many young adult communities under its charge, as well as Catholic student groups in tertiary educational institutions around the country.
Click here to find out more about the plans they have for this year.


Office for Catechesis

The Office for Catechesis (OFC) will continue providing the Basic Catechist Certification Courses for those involved in the catechetical ministry across the archdiocese. These, together with numerous other workshops, retreats and programmes, will better equip and inspire Catholics who help others get to know Christ.
Click here to find out about their schedule.



Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore

The Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS) offers formal theological formation to lay Catholics. On January 15, CTIS will begin a new semester for two programmes, the Certificate in Theology, and the Diploma in Theology. In 2018, CTIS will also move to the new seminary and formation building, together with the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary.
Click here to view the academic calendar.


St Francis Xavier Seminary

The St Francis Xavier (SFX) Seminary building project was kick started early with the support of Catholics through the GIFT campaign, and is expected to complete by the latter half of 2018. Built on freehold land within the compound of St Joseph Church (Bukit Timah), the new building will have upgraded facilities for the formation of future shepherds for the archdiocese.


Bethany East

A new home for retired priests, Bethany East, has already begun renovations and is expected to complete in 2018. This 7,000 sq ft, two-storey detached house is designed to be elderly-friendly and will be able to accommodate eight priests once completed.



Archdiocesan Hub

Plans have begun for the design of the Archdiocesan Hub, which will be a cornerstone of the archdiocese’s pastoral vision. The Archdiocesan Hub will house a number of Catholic organisations, including OYP, CSC and ONE, together under one roof with improved and shared facilities, enabling the Church to make its numerous programmes more effective and accessible to more people.

And many more…




Though the GIFT campaign is off to a good start in its first year, much more prayers, time and resources are still urgently needed for the vision of the archdiocese. The response of every Catholic in Singapore is crucial in building up the Church for generations to come.

  • Pray
    • Find out more about the vision of the archdiocese, and pray for the Church today.
  • Act
    • Help gather your friends and family to pledge a contribution to support the work of the Church, or volunteer with the Catholic Foundation.
  • Give
    • Every Catholic in Singapore is encouraged to pledge a monthly contribution, to build up the Church for generations to come. Click to pledge online or pick up a GIFT envelope at your parish today.


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