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GIFT Campaign Report
2018 Quarter 3

The GIFT (Giving in Faith & Thankfulness) campaign was launched in Advent 2016 to support the archdiocese’s vision of a more vibrant, missionary and evangelistic Church. Every Catholic is challenged to pledge a monthly contribution for the archdiocese’s operational and building needs. This quarterly report updates on the campaign’s progress.


Contributions through GIFT continue to be strong. Quarter on quarter, collections have grown from that of 2017.

A record $7.0 million was collected in this quarter, more than twice the previous quarter’s collection of $3.3 million. This surge in contributions was largely due to Shepherds Night and the generosity of givers to the St Francis Xavier (SFX) Seminary Building Fund. Funding was needed as the SFX Seminary Building approached completion, and the laity responded to this call.

Through this show of support, contributions to the needs of the archdiocese this year has reached $15.2 million.

With the prayers, support and encouragement from the Catholic community, there was an overall increase in giving to the GIFT campaign. With the exception of August, the giving increased month-on-month for this year as compared to 2017.

To date, GIFT has received $33.7 million since its launch in November 2016.

We are grateful for your love and support.


Through the GIFT campaign, Catholic Foundation has raised $17.9 million to date, for the construction of the new SFX Seminary Building.

Both the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary and the Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS) are now located under the same roof.

Sharing the compound with St Joseph’s Church (Bukit Timah), the seminary building is built on freehold land and is now equipped with upgraded facilities for the formation of future shepherds and for lay Catholics, for the archdiocese.

Archbishop William Goh blessed the completed SFX Seminary Building on 22 August 2018. This marked the end of the building project that began with a ground-breaking ceremony held on 26 October 2016.


Catholic Foundation will be organising its 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Mass to praise and thank God for the support garnered through the GIFT campaign.

The occasion is also an opportunity to express gratitude to the various organisations that have worked tirelessly towards achieving the vision of the archdiocese. It promises to be a special event that will bring the Church together. There will be a reception after Mass.

All are welcome to join us in this celebration. Details of Mass are as follows:

Celebrant: His Grace, Archbishop William Goh
Date: Monday, 3 December 2018
Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm
Venue: The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd



Though the GIFT campaign is off to a good start this year, much more prayers, time and resources are still needed to realise the vision. The response of every Catholic is crucial in building up the Church for generations to come.

  • Pray
    • Find out more about the vision of the archdiocese, and pray for the Church today.
  • Act
    • Help gather your friends and family to pledge a contribution to support the work of the Church, or volunteer with the Catholic Foundation.
  • Give
    • Every Catholic in Singapore is encouraged to pledge a monthly contribution, to build up the Church for generations to come. Click to pledge online or pick up a GIFT envelope at your parish today.


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