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GIFT Campaign Report
(1 January 2019 – 30 September 2019)

The GIFT (Giving in Faith and Thankfulness) campaign was launched in Advent 2016 to support the archdiocese’s vision of a more vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church. This report updates on the campaign’s progress.










From January till September 2019, GIFT has collected $11.5 million. In the last quarter (Jul-Sep 2019), $5.6 million was collected, largely due to the generosity of benefactors who supported the Foundation’s annual fundraising dinner.

Compared with collections in the previous two years, contributions have fallen in 2019. With four years to the end of the pastoral plan, and as the implementation of various programmes, projects and initiatives are being accelerated, more resources will be needed. We ask for your continued support.

PROGRESS TO DATE (2016-2019)

GIFT has been funding the operations of several key organisations, most of which were set up in the last few years. Together with other organisations and groups, they are at the forefront of building a more vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church.

Many people have since rediscovered their faith with renewed vigour. Priests, religious and laity are working in greater communion through more programmes and outreach.

Contributions through GIFT have funded two building projects: the St Francis Xavier Seminary Building and the Bethany East Clergy Residence. Sinking funds were also set up for the renewal of leases and buildings of archdiocesan and parish properties.

Other strategic projects and initiatives were introduced for governance and finance, strategy, scholarships, and clergy welfare and retirement.

FUTURE PLANS (2020-2023)

Yet, there is much to be done and improved on. The net growth of new Catholics, for example, has been flat.

Our archbishop has called for the archdiocesan organisations to be bold and to collaborate for greater effectiveness and outreach. Over the next four years, these organisations will be ramping up their programmes and initiatives to deepen our faith and increase the missionary momentum of the Church. In addition, new organisations will be launched in 2020: Catholic Family Life, Catholic Preschool Education (Singapore) and a Christian Leadership Centre.

On top of the ongoing strategic projects, the archdiocese will be kicking off a digitisation initiative. It will build upon existing implementations of media and information technology, such as the website, CatholicSG mobile app, and CatholicSG Radio.

The planned Catholic Hub, which is pending approval by the authorities, will be developed in phases, with the first phase in the next four years.

Details of these progress and plans will be available in the 2019 Advent GIFT booklet, which will be circulated in parishes from the 1 December 2019 weekend.


We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to contribute your time, talent and resources for the needs of our archdiocese, and for the future of the Church.


Pick up a GIFT envelope, or click on the images below to play your part in the mission of our Church. All contributions, big and small, will make a difference.

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