GIFT Campaign Report: Year 2022

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GIFT Campaign Report (Year 2022)

The GIFT (Giving in Faith and Thankfulness) programme was launched in Advent 2016 to support the Archdiocese’s vision of a more vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church. This quarterly report provides updates on its progress for the calendar year 2022.

With the grace of God, $17.4 million was raised in 2022 to support the Archdiocese and its vision to build a vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church. A total of $124.9 million has been raised since the inception of the GIFT programme in 2016.

Thanks to all our contributors, the Foundation is able to fund the work of Archdiocesan organisations in proclaiming the Gospel and ministering to those in their respective mission fields, key building projects including the Catholic Hub development, and other strategic initiatives that support the pastoral vision.

As the Foundation continues its mission of resourcing the work of the Archdiocese for growth, it seeks to rally the community to recognise their stewardship responsibility and the many gifts they have received from God, and to give back to God generously, according to their means.

In 2022, the Catholic Foundation continued to emphasise the importance of regular giving. On average, $400,000 is collected each month through monthly pledges.

However, the Foundation witnessed a drop in the number of active pledges from 4,361 at the end of 2021 to 4,227 at the end of 2022. One reason is that, with the resumption of Masses, some contributors had opted to give through the GIFT collections at churches instead.

Nevertheless, the Foundation would like to encourage Catholics to sign up for a monthly pledge as it is the most convenient and sustainable means of supporting the Archdiocese.

We ask for your continued support and prayers for our Archdiocese as we work as one to build the Church today for tomorrow. 

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