Restricted Funds

To cater to contributors who identify with specific causes and given the significant funds needed for major building projects, the archdiocese and the Catholic Foundation have set up restricted funds for specific purposes under the umbrella of the GIFT campaign.

These include funds for building projects (Bethany East, St Francis Xavier Seminary Building and Catholic Hub), for clergy welfare and retirement, and sinking funds for buildings and lease renewal.

Contributions towards these funds are generally solicited and directly received from members of the Catholic community. From time to time, the Catholic Foundation will call for contributions to specified restricted funds, including holding specific fundraising events.

Catholic Hub Fund

In the archdiocese’s long-term plan to address the needs of the many archdiocesan organisations in land-scarce Singapore, it has set aside freehold land at 49 Upper Thomson Road for the development of an Catholic Hub.

As many of the archdiocesan organisations expand and cater to an increasing number of people with various programmes and outreach activities, their current offices and premises are becoming inadequate. There is a need for some of the organisations to be relocated and co-located in a larger space, equipped to accommodate their numerous needs. Co-location will also facilitate shared services and shared facilities, thus optimising space requirements. The Hub will help organisations such as OYP, CSC and ONE to strengthen their operations with the necessary space and facilities for offices, retreats, talks, workshops and many other activities.

The Catholic Hub will eventually consist of a retreat and convention centre with multi-purpose hall and meeting rooms, counselling rooms, adoration chapel, shared offices and facilities for archdiocesan organisations, a residence for retired priests, and more. It will serve as a one-stop centre for the discovery and deepening of faith, where Catholics and those interested in learning about the faith can learn, discover, and grow.

Planning for the Catholic Hub is currently underway and the Catholic Foundation has provided an initial grant of $100,000 to help kickstart the project. The first phase of construction, which can cost about $70 million, is expected to commence only in 2020.

Clergy Welfare and Retirement Fund

The Clergy Welfare and Retirement Fund was established to ensure that sufficient funds are set aside for the expected expenses of caring for the well-being of elderly priests.

Providing for the needs of priests, who have given their lives to serve, is necessary due to rising medical costs, coupled with greater life expectancy and advancements in medical care. The projected needs will continue to increase significantly over the years. Adequate funds are needed to ensure that the Church is able to provide them with a dignified and comfortable retirement.

The Fund was suggested and seeded by a contributor who came across a specific situation of a priest in need. Although the specific priest was taken care of, it was agreed that such a fund would be helpful for the future.

Since then, other individuals have contributed to the Fund. This fund provides for the welfare, medical and retirement needs of priests, and will support the operations and maintenance of Bethany East, the residence for retired priests.

As of December 2019, the St Francis Xavier Seminary Building Fund and the Bethany East Building Fund have been closed.