God, Money & Me

Course Synopsis

This is a personal financial management course for Catholics that integrates the practicalities of money management with Catholic principles and ethos. Catholics may attend the course as individuals or as couples. Please fill up the individual or couple registration form accordingly. The course consists primarily of small group sharings and practical exercises that can help participants to manage their own spending and investment plans. It also includes face-to-face large group presentations by content experts.

Course materials comprise of Participant Guide, Resource Guide and Excel Workbooks for you to complete in between the formal sessions.

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Your Commitment to the Course

We have limited places for this course. All course facilitators are experienced volunteers who are giving their valuable time to help you. Please register for this course only if you are committed to fully benefiting from it, which requires you to:

  • Physically attend all of the five sessions and participate in the discussions.

  • Complete the practical homework pre-course and during the five sessions of the course on a timely basis.

The next “God, Money & Me” run is from Feb to Apr 2024 (exact dates to be confirmed). Click on the button below to indicate your interest, and we will let you know once it is open for registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Catholic Foundation seeks to promote stewardship, particularly financial stewardship.

Money, as a subject, is not much discoursed in the Church. Yet, having to manage and at times struggle and worry about money is a lived reality for most of us. And how we should do so in the light of our Catholic faith is not always clear.

The course, God, Money & Me, was created to fill what we believe is a gap in the understanding of how Catholics in Singapore should deal with our finances in a way that is aligned to scripture and the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Participants’ Testimonials

“Definitely relevant and practical, especially for young couples. I enjoyed the discussion and sharings. Kudos to the team and facilitators for time spent on creating in-depth relevant topic worksheets.” – Lisa Chua, Church of the Transfiguration

“The course helped me to examine my financial state and see that I have to be accountable for every cent. The small group breakouts were enjoyable, as we were all open and shared our experiences.” – Estelle Goh, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

“My key takeaway was on the importance of tracking expenses and integrating the Church’s teachings on how to steward money the way God intended. Our group facilitator was generous in sharing his knowledge and experience.” – Joze Chua, Church of Saint Francis Xavier

“Good and sound Scripture findings, clear and impactful knowledge that I can’t find elsewhere that is aligned to our faith. It felt like God was speaking to us through the course, in our context. He will truly reveal Himself throughout the course and drop some pointers in a gentle way through the speakers, facilitators and fellow group members.” – Jeremiah Li, Church of the Transfiguration

“I have little understanding of finance. The course and topics were very relevant and well-structured, and gave me a practical understanding of personal finance. The Participant Guide and worksheets are useful and practical – without them, I would just be ‘reading’ a course rather than learning. I would definitely recommend this course to others as there is nothing like this out there – 2-in-1 learning about faith and finance!” – Shirin Pang, Church of Saint Mary of the Angels

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