Pope Francis will make a pastoral visit to Singapore in September 2024. He will be the second Pope to visit Singapore, the first being Pope Saint John Paul II in 1986.

As shepherd of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, the Holy Father will also have an opportunity to connect with the Catholic community in Singapore in Unity and Hope.

We need your support

The Papal visit to Singapore in September 2024 is a momentous occasion. Tickets to the Papal Mass are free of charge. To make this possible, we need financial help to defray the costs.

Your support is greatly appreciated! Every donation, no matter the amount, will make a meaningful impact to help create a welcoming and inclusive experience.

Ways to donate

1. Online donation using Credit/Debit Card or PayNow

2. Cheque: Write a cheque payable to CATHOLIC FOUNDATION. Please write “Pope Francis Singapore 2024” on the back of the cheque and drop it off or mail it to Catholic Foundation, 55 Waterloo Street, #04-01, Catholic Centre, Singapore 187954.

3. Cash: Drop off your donation in person at the Catholic Foundation office during office hours (9am to 6pm). The address is Catholic Foundation, 55 Waterloo Street, #04-01, Catholic Centre, Singapore 187954.

Together, let us share our faith with the world through our unity and hope as we prepare for this special occasion. Thank you for your generosity, and may God bless you abundantly.

More information

How do I donate safely?
You may donate securely via this official website or at www.catholicfoundation.sg/popefrancis2024/

Who does the fundraising? I need more information.
All fundraising for this event is managed by Catholic Foundation. For more information on donating, email [email protected].

What happens to my donation?
Donations through this page will go directly to the Pope Francis Singapore 2024 Fund to support the Papal visit to Singapore. Excess funds collected through this exercise will be channelled to support the operational and building needs of the Archdiocese of Singapore to help build a more vibrant, evangelising, and missionary Church.


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