Raising Up a Generation for Christ and His Church

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Raising Up a Generation for Christ and His Church

The Office for Young People (OYP) needs many hearts and hands to work towards its dream of raising up a generation for Christ and His Church in Singapore. Joel Lau shares about his call to serve the archdiocese full-time in OYP.

I have been at OYP for almost two years, and work primarily with the universities and working adult communities. Life at OYP is very dynamic and exciting. I find Jesus challenging me every day.

Whether it is meeting young people on campus or simply fixing a broken light, there is something new that Jesus wants to show me. When we organised Catholic
Youth Day (CYD) in July 2019, I felt called to lead the planning of a huge production involving drama, dance and song. Though rehearsal times were tight, I was moved by how much the young people gave of their time, effort and energy.

CYD 2019 was an experience of true joy for me as many hardened hearts opened up to receive Jesus that night. It also helped me to recognise God’s call for me to exercise my gift in creativity for His kingdom.

My late father was the one who inspired me to work at OYP because of his love and care for his family, friends and colleagues. At his wake, many people shared with me about his great love and the positive impact he had on their lives. I felt blessed to learn that my father’s love could expand beyond my family and reach out to the world.

Around that time, I was also inviting Jesus to provide the decisive direction in my life, to show me what I could live and die for. I wanted to be able to relate to people and know how they are doing, though not necessarily in a church setting. My father’s passing was one of the many signposts that God had erected to point me in His direction. As I continued to search further, I could feel Him telling me not to give Him my “leftovers” but the best of my days to shepherd His flock.

This eventually led me to leave my previous job and respond to His call to serve in OYP. I have come to love the people whom I serve, and find myself desiring more for them. It brings me great joy when I see hearts being converted and people yearning for continual growth in Him, even when things get difficult. When I see people come to live fully in Jesus, I am reminded by Him that I am exactly where I am meant to be.



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