Take Ownership to Sustain Our Faith

An appeal from Rev Msgr Ambrose Vaz to the Catholic Community in Singapore on 17 May 2020, 6th Sunday of Easter 

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Most of us are dealing with the challenges brought about by COVID-19. In such times, we should take the opportunity to listen to Him in the sacred spaces created by the removal of the busyness that has been very much part of our normal lives.

As we pause to pray and reflect, we realise that we may have taken many things for granted in our lives.

We may have taken much in our Church for granted, a Church that has sustained us in many ways.

We are unable to receive the Eucharist sacramentally, or even to simply sit quietly in the Real Presence of Jesus and have an intimate conversation with Him.

We are unable to meet with members of our parish community and ministries, our friends, even our extended family for the fellowship and intimacy that is so important to us as human beings.

We are unable to contribute as well to our Church and its many needs.

As we pray for an end to the pandemic, let us examine our own hearts and pledge to live, more concretely, the Gospel in our lives. Let us take ownership of our faith which God has graced us with and be active contributing members to the body of Christ to emerge victorious in faith.

During this period, I invite you to start on one or more of these five spiritual habits:

  • Start or end each day with a prayer, together with family members
  • Read and reflect on a passage in the Bible daily
  • Reach out to and affirm someone every day
  • Join in for Sunday Mass and at least one weekday Mass (online), every week
  • Give regularly for the needs of the Church

I pledge to these spiritual habits

As we continue to pray for the Church and an end to the COVID-19 crisis, let us rally behind our archdiocese to build a more vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church.

Rev Msgr Ambrose Vaz
Vicar General (Pastoral)
Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore