Catholic Foundation has created a new GIFT Stewards Programme to help Catholics develop their God-given gifts of time, talent and treasures, promote Christian stewardship, and ultimately foster greater generosity in our Church.

What is Stewardship?

In the Christian context, it is defined as, “in biblical usage, the management of whatever a person is entrusted with, not only to preserve but profitably administer for his master, ultimately for God”. Ultimately, Christian stewardship teaches that “a human being is not owner but only custodian of God’s gifts in this world, to use them and produce with them the fruits of eternal life.” Source: Catholic Culture

Learn more about stewardship in this article written for the Foundation by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, author and host of several EWTN television series.



Why a “GIFT Stewards Programme”?

We need to be accountable for how we use our God-given gifts. We give to the Church because of our faith and because we love the Church. It is not because we have to, but because we know it is the right thing to do as members of the Church (Fifth Precept).

However, the development of such faith-based giving requires an understanding of the Church’s teachings in the area of stewardship and a shared value system of such giving amongst Catholics.

Through this programme, we hope to build up a community of GIFT Stewards who, as His good and faithful servants (ref. Mt 25:23), offer up their God-endowed gifts of time, talents and treasures, and multiply what He has blessed us with for the purpose of returning them to God, through the Church.

The programme is available to regular GIFT contributors and seeks to guide Catholics to learn about more opportunities to give their God-given blessings back to our Church, through 3 tracks:

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The GIFT Stewards Growth Programme

Upcoming Events


“God, Money & Me” Financial Stewardship Programme

Learn how to manage your spending, savings and investment from a spiritual perspective based on Sacred Scripture and the Catholic Church’s teachings, such as:
• Financial principles in investments
• Debt recognition & avoidance
• Ethics & Stewardship of Resources

This programme is spread across five sessions and a pre-course preparation.

For more details and registration Click here.



“(Re)claiming Our Gift of Faith” Lunchtime Series

Following the conclusion of Catholic Foundation’s inaugural Young Stewards Conference on 14 August 2021, participants were keen to hear more on the following topics:
• Personal Vocation & Mission in Action
• Creativity, Communion & Collaboration
• Stewardship, Social & Economic Justice

Speakers will be invited to share more about their story, particularly on how God called them, their subsequent response, and their journey to date.

Dates: TBA
Duration: 30 min
Registration: TBA. No fee required.

Past Events

Preview: God, Money & Me

A special preview of “God, Money and Me”, a course on personal financial management by the Catholic Foundation. It integrates the practicalities of money management with Catholic principles and ethos.

Work and Money

Do we work for money or something else? This session will discuss the spirituality of work and ethics in the corporate world and the role that money should play in the workplace.

Becoming Debt Free

People live with debt as a fact of modern life. In this session find out what the bible teaches about debt and learn practical tips on how you can better deal with them.

Investing for Retirement, God’s Way

There are many ways to grow your money: saving and investing in a range of financial instruments. This session will discuss both secular and spiritual principles of saving and investing.

Youth and Spiritual Cents and Sense

Young adults are often challenged to balance current spending with providing for the future. Join this talk to find out how you can increase your financial quotient in a spiritual way.

Marriage & Money Matters

Money is a frequent cause of marital disputes and breakups. This session will discuss money management in a Christian marriage based on biblical principles and the social teachings of the Church.

“Re(claiming) Our Gift of Faith”, Young Stewards Conference, 14 August 2021

Our call as the Catholic Foundation Young Adults is to encourage this “Re-Gifting” of ourselves to God: to build a spirit of seeing and understanding faith as a gratuitous gift, and to see the giving of our time, talent or treasures as returning “grace upon grace” (John 1:16).


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The GIFT Stewards Advocacy Programme

Coming Soon.

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The GIFT Stewards Journey Programme

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