Archbishop’s Message


As the Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Singapore, I am grateful for the generous support the community has given me.

Since assuming office in May, 2013, I have met with the leaders of the many Church organisations, the clergy, religious and lay people – to better understand what and how we can build a more vibrant, faith-filled, missionary and evangelistic Church.

There is much to be done. In this age of mounting secularism and relativism, it is all the more important that our laity understand our faith and live it out, so they can witness to it in their communities. We need to provide theological formation for our lay staff, including those serving in the various organisations and movements, so that they can work as partners with the clergy to build the Church.

We also need to engage our youth, who are the future of our Church, and equip and energize them so that they can be a pillar of strength for the community.

To support these efforts, the Catholic Foundation has been established to support the needs of the Church.

I am optimistic that the Catholic Foundation will contribute meaningfully to the needs of our archdiocese. In the meantime, I ask for your prayers and support for the Catholic Foundation, so that as a community, we can build a stronger Church in Singapore and infuse the gospel values of love, truth and hope in our society in all that we do.

God bless you.

Yours in Christ,

Cardinal William Goh
Archbishop of Singapore