An initiative bringing together Christ@Work &
Young Stewards Conference

Saturday, 14 October 2023
9am – 6pm
Saint Joseph’s Institution
38 Malcolm Road, Singapore 308274

Why this joint conference with Christ@Work?

Catholic Foundation holds the Young Stewards Conference for young adults, while Catholic Business Network (CBN) organises the broad-based Christ@Work Conference.

As there are thematic similarities between the two conferences and in the spirit of One Church, both organisations are excited to bring you one conference with two tracks.

In particular, the Foundation’s Young Stewards Conference features a range of speakers who share their personal testimonies about living their identity as Catholic Christian stewards, thereby offering their gifts to the Lord in recognition of His immense goodness to them. Many of these testimonies touch on workplace challenges. Similarly, CBN’s speakers over the years have touched younger Catholics who are keen to learn more about how to live their faith at work, which dovetails into stewarding their time, talents and treasures for the Lord.

While the Young Stewards Conference track is envisioned for those aged 16 to 35 years old, the young-at-heart are also welcome to attend.

We pray that regardless which track you decide to attend, you will live out this year’s theme, “Joy at Work; Work in Love”, and ultimately spread the Lord’s joy and love through our work.


Programme Schedule




Praise and Worship by Sound Doctrine


Opening Prayer by Fr Colin Tan, SJ

Opening Address by Trillion So, President of Catholic Business Network


Keynote address by Fr David Garcia, OP on “The Dignity of Work”



Coffee Break


Young Stewards Conference Panel Discussion 1: “Can Christ’s Love really exist in the Modern Office?”

As young adults, we may find that many different voices pull us in multiple directions – secularism, material success, the struggle to balance work and life, mental wellness, gender identity, “wokeism” and the cancel culture, generational gaps, and so much more. How can Christ’s love shape our response to such issues?

Panelists: Clarice Chan, Gerald Lee & Marc Lo
Moderator: Keith Neubronner


Lunch & Breakout Sharing 1


Praise and Worship by Sound Doctrine


Afternoon Address by Alex Yam: “Servant Leadership: Living the Servant Mindset (as a leader, husband and father)”


Coffee Break


Young Stewards Conference Panel Discussion 2: “Finding joy and meaning at work as a Catholic”

As we continue on our career path, we can find holiness in our work through the instruments that Christ has given us – Scripture readings, Catholic Social Teachings, prayer and discernment. How can young adults discern the deeper meaning behind the things we do, and draw the strength to carry out the Lord’s will?

Panelists: Alex Yam, Fr David Garcia, OP & Joy Tan
Moderator: Lawrence Foo



Breakout Sharing 2


Closing Address by Vivienne Lim, Deputy Chairperson of Catholic Foundation


Sunset Mass by His Excellency, Archbishop Marek Zalewski, Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore

Keynote Address:
Fr David Garcia, OP – “The Dignity of Work”

Fr David Garcia, OP

Afternoon Address:
Alex Yam – “Servant Leadership: Living the servant mindset (as a leader, husband, father)”

Alex Yam
Mayor of North West District

 Young Stewards Conference Panel Discussion 1:
“Can Christ’s Love really exist in the Modern Office?”

Clarice Chan
Chairwoman, Original Minds Group

Gerald Lee
Archbishop’s Office

Marc Lo
Chief Investment Officer, Digital Infraco of SingTel

Young Stewards Conference Panel Discussion 2:
“Finding joy and meaning at work as a Catholic”

Alex Yam
Mayor of North West District

Fr David Garcia, OP

Joy Tan
Founder, Kirisuto Enterprise & Ergo Media LLP

Christ@Work Panel Discussion 1: “Finding joy and meaning at work as a Catholic – Living our faith”

Girish Sahajwalla
Head of Corporate Finance, PwC

Janice Chua
Deputy Director, GovTech

Jocelyn Tan
Managing Director, Global Head Financial Markets eDistribution
Standard Chartered Bank

Loo Wei Choong
Executive Director,
Archdiocesan Land and Properties Singapore

Christ@Work Panel Discussion 2: “The joy of working together as a family and in faith”

Anthony Wong
Creative Eateries

Mrs Bernadette Giam
Creative Eateries

Jean Yip
Jean Yip Group


Mervin Wee
Jean Yip Group


Pamela Loo
The Cocoa Trees

Nick Loo
The Cocoa Trees

For details on the Christ@Work Conference and their speakers, please click here.

What can I offer the Lord for His goodness to me?

Why Young Stewards?

Catholic Foundation’s vision is for each Young Adult Catholic to be good Stewards of God’s Creation. This is a spiritual process that begins in recognising that everything in our lives are gifts from God and are meant to be used for His glory, be it our time, talents or treasures.

God’s gifts to us, if stewarded and used in the light of Christ, also restore and heal us, and give us strength amidst our weaknesses.

Thus, He invites us to steward the love and blessings that He has poured into us – back to Him, His Church and His people – in imitation of Jesus’ kenosis (self-emptying) on the cross, where He gave up all that He had in love for us, so that we may come to experience God’s unconditional love. It is this stewarding of God’s grace that becomes the outward manifestation of the love we have received from God the Father.

Ultimately, as part of the Catholic Foundation’s vision and mission, we desire to encourage this stewarding of lives to God: to build a spirit of seeing and understanding faith as a gratuitous gift, and to see the giving of our time, talent or treasures as returning “grace upon grace” (John 1:16).

Catholic Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore. It is driven by a spiritual mission – to promote Christian giving and to “Build the Church Today for Tomorrow”.

Its vision is to inspire Catholics to prayerfully consider their stewardship responsibility to commit their time, talent and treasures to help build a vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church in Singapore.

As a key part of its vision, Catholic Foundation recognises that the Church of tomorrow will be led by the young adults of today. It is hence of paramount importance that the Foundation, with its unique vision, mission and charisms, plays its role in building the Church for tomorrow by actively engaging our young adult Catholics today.

Through the Young Stewards Conference, the ultimate vision is to build a network of communities and organisations of young working adults, who can engage with each other and be thought leaders on the critical issues they face today in building the Church for tomorrow.

The fulfilment of this vision is very much dependent on young adult Catholics becoming stewards of the gifts that they have received, so as to see giving of themselves with their time, talent or treasures as returning “grace upon grace” (John 1:16). This event is the first, but definitely not the last, step towards us moving towards this vision.

Catholic Foundation hopes that this event will be a platform where passionate voices become co-creators in shaping mindsets about living the faith in today’s world, and, being stewards of God’s gifts, using them for the good of God and His Church in Singapore. Specifically, the Foundation seeks to connect young working adults in identifying our gifts and the specific needs of the Church, and committing to (re-)give our gifts to Christ and His Church out of love.

We will hear testimonies from fellow Catholics, and reflect and share about the needs of the Church, our individual gifts and how we are called to use them in the areas of:

  • Stewardship of Time
  • Stewardship of Life

The Christ@Work conference is a biennial conference where Christians and non-believers alike are invited to join distinguished speakers as well as fellow working adults to discuss current issues relating to our Catholic faith in the workplace. The full-day conference features keynote speakers and panel sessions, and typically closes with a mass. For more information on their past conferences, click here.