Restricted Funds

Restricted funds refer to a reserve of money that can only be used for particular projects or purposes. To cater to contributors who identify with specific causes and given the significant funds needed for major building projects, the Archdiocese and Catholic Foundation have set up restricted funds for different causes under the umbrella of the GIFT campaign.

These include building projects like the Bethany East Clergy Residence and the St Francis Xavier Seminary, as well as ongoing efforts like the Clergy Welfare and Retirement Fund, and sinking funds for buildings and lease renewal.

Contributions towards these funds are generally appealed and directly received from members of the Catholic community. From time to time, Catholic Foundation will call for contributions to specified restricted funds, including holding specific fundraising events.

Here’s a brief summary of each fund and initiative:

Catholic Hub Fund

This fund is aimed at supporting the development of the Catholic Hub, which is envisioned as a spiritual oasis providing space and facilities for various Catholic activities. The hub is designed with Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, in mind and aims to promote greater communion in mission and outreach efforts. Construction is underway, with Phase 1 expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

Click here for more information and updates to the Catholic Hub.

Clergy Welfare and Retirement Fund

This fund is vital for ensuring the well-being, medical care, and retirement needs of priests within the Archdiocese. It also supports the operational expenses of Bethany East, a residence for retired priests. With many priests serving for over 30 years and reaching retirement age, the fund is essential for meeting their increasing needs, particularly concerning rising medical costs.

Ignite 200 Fund

Established to support the celebrations of Catholic200SG, marking the 200th anniversary of the Catholic faith in Singapore. The fund was used for organizing events throughout the year, commemorating the contributions of the Catholic Church to Singapore’s education, social work, healthcare, spiritual formation, and interfaith dialogue. With the conclusion of Catholic200SG, the fund is no longer actively seeking contributions.

(The Bethany East Building Fund and the St Francis Xavier Seminary Building Fund have been closed as these building projects have been completed.)

These funds demonstrate the commitment of the Catholic community in Singapore to support various aspects of the Church’s mission and the well-being of its clergy. Contributions from members of the Catholic community are crucial to sustain these efforts, and we earnestly request your support on the fundraising events that may be held to gather support for these causes.