Restricted Funds

To cater to contributors who identify with specific causes and given the significant funds needed for major building projects, the archdiocese and the Catholic Foundation have set up restricted funds for specific purposes under the umbrella of the GIFT campaign.

These include funds for building projects (Bethany East Clergy Residence, St Francis Xavier Seminary Building and Catholic Hub), for clergy welfare and retirement, and sinking funds for buildings and lease renewal.

Contributions towards these funds are generally solicited and directly received from members of the Catholic community. From time to time, the Catholic Foundation will call for contributions to specified restricted funds, including holding specific fundraising events.

(The Bethany East Building Fund and the St Francis Xavier Seminary Building Fund have been closed.)

Catholic Hub Fund

Located in the heart of Singapore and surrounded by the lushness of MacRitchie Reservoir, the future Catholic Hub at 49 Upper Thomson Road will serve the long-term needs of our Church. Sited on the Church’s largest freehold property in Singapore, it will have a total gross floor area of 46,100 m2, and will be developed in three phases. Detailed planning has begun on Phase 1.

St Theresa’s Home, currently located there and run by Catholic Welfare Services, will move to improved facilities before Phase 2 begins.

Since 2015, the building committee under the Archdiocesan Land and Properties Singapore (ALPS) has consulted potential users on their needs and engaged the authorities on design and construction plans, including during the 18-month delay while the government studied the environmental impact of the MRT Cross Island Line.

As a large shared resource, the Catholic Hub ensures that organisations, parishes and other Church groups using it as a venue for activities can focus on their ministries and fuel the growth of the Church through a wider outreach. Key archdiocesan organisations will be relocated here, strengthening their existing collaborations to serve the community better, with the support of amenities such as a configurable multi-purpose hall and retreat facilities.

Designed with Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ in mind, the Catholic Hub will be interspersed with greenery and several themed gardens, providing conducive areas for prayer and reminding us of our oneness with all creation. These key features, expected to be completed in Phase 1, are presented in this booklet.

Also briefly covered are plans for Phases 2 and 3. Several existing St Theresa’s Home buildings have been identified for conservation to preserve the historical significance of the site, dating as far back as 1937 when the Little Sisters of the Poor ran Singapore’s first home for the aged and destitute. To help Singaporeans appreciate our faith’s enduring legacy, there are plans for a heritage centre in one of these conserved buildings. In addition, a residence for senior clergy will ensure that our priests can retire with comfort and grace, yet still continue to exercise their ministry for those who come to the Catholic Hub.

As one Body of Christ, let us look forward to the completion of the Catholic Hub that will provide restoration and renewal.

Ignite 200 Fund

2021 marks the historical 200th anniversary of the Catholic faith in Singapore. Our Church has helped to shape Singapore in terms of education, social work, healthcare and spiritual formation and interfaith dialogue, and continues to do so today.

“This historic milestone would be an opportunity to galvanise Catholics for the past, present, and future. We want to celebrate with gratitude and thanksgiving how far we have come. We must empower our Catholics today to be vibrant in their faith and evangelise. And we should inspire all to work for a future when humanity and creation find completion in God,” said Archbishop William Goh.

With a year-long series of Catholic200SG activities planned till 11 December 2021, a restricted fund named Ignite 200 has been set up to raise the needed funds. Besides supporting the commemorative events and plans for the 200th anniversary, it will also fund future developments of our archdiocese.

Clergy Welfare and Retirement Fund

The Clergy Welfare and Retirement Fund was established to ensure that sufficient funds are set aside for the expected expenses of caring for the well-being of elderly priests.

Providing for the needs of priests, who have given their lives to serve, is necessary due to rising medical costs, coupled with greater life expectancy and advancements in medical care. The projected needs will continue to increase significantly over the years. Adequate funds are needed to ensure that the Church is able to provide them with a dignified and comfortable retirement.

The Fund was suggested and seeded by a contributor who came across a specific situation of a priest in need. Although the specific priest was taken care of, it was agreed that such a fund would be helpful for the future.

Since then, other individuals have contributed to the Fund. This fund provides for the welfare, medical and retirement needs of priests, and will support the operations and maintenance of Bethany East, the residence for retired priests.