Formation of Laity


Growing in the faith is a lifelong process that calls for a commitment to God and involves a constant learning process. Apart from priests and ministries in the parishes, several archdiocesan organisations also seek to promote faith formation.

  • The Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS)
  • The Office for Catechesis (OFC)
  • The Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE)

The Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS)

The Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS) provides for the systematic formation in Catholic Theology, in faithfulness to Holy Scripture and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. It offer courses in Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma and Baccalaureate in Theology. Its purpose is to empower the students to serve the Church and society. It is working towards getting its programmes accredited with established universities.

The Office for Catechesis (OFC)

The Office for Catechesis (OFC) provides training and formation for catechists and those involved in catechetical ministries. This includes Parish-based Children’s and Youth Catechesis, Home-based Catechesis, RCIA, Special Needs Catechesis and Liturgy of the Word with Children. In addition, OFC helps develop policy guidelines for those involved in catechesis.

The Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE) 

The Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE) catalyses evangelisation in the archdiocese through facilitating alignment between Parishes, Archdiocesan Organisations and other stakeholders. It drives initiatives and provides formation and resources to excite enthusiasm for Jesus Christ through the Word and liturgy, engage the faithful to be in communion as the Body of Christ and equip them to evangelise through their witness in the world.


Other archdiocesan organisations active in the formation of the laity include Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC), Office of Young People (OYP), Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission, and the Archdiocesan Biblical Apostolate (ABA).

Key Facts


Theology graduates per year


Catechists certified as of July 2016


Parishes offer Catechism classes, along with additional religious classes in Catholic schools


Strategic meetings held to align various archdiocesan organisations to a common vision since 2015


Leaders of Neighbourhood Christian Communities trained in 2016


Average no. of participants at each of 5 evangelisation workshops held in 2016


Seasonal prayer reflection booklets distributed for 2016

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