The magnitude and scale of the Church’s work and population requires an effective infrastructure so that it can fulfil its mission and reach. A number of archdiocesan departments and organisations undertake this task.

  • Archdiocesan Finance Commission (AFC)
  • Archbishop’s Office (Accounts and Finance)
  • Archbishop’s Office (Communications)
  • Archdiocesan Land and Properties Singapore (ALPS)
  • Catholic Foundation (CF)
  • Chancery

Archdiocesan Finance Commission (AFC)

The Archdiocesan Finance Commission (AFC) provides oversight of the finances of the archdiocese. The Commission meets monthly to review the archdiocese accounts, finances and related matters. The members of the AFC provides professional advice and support to the archbishop in planning and managing the use of the archdiocese’s finances.

Archbishop’s Office (Accounts and Finance)

The day-to-day accounts and finances of the archdiocese are managed by the Accounts and Finance Division of the Archbishop’s Office.

Archbishop’s Office (Communications)

The Archdiocese’s Communications Office (ArchComms) was set up improve the Church’s communications internally and externally. Since its establishment in 2013, it has helped revamp the archdiocese’s website, launched official social media channels for the archdiocese, and produced numerous digital content to bring Christ into the online world. The office also deals with the myriad of media issues that comes to the archdiocese.

Archdiocesan Land and Properties Singapore (ALPS)

The Archdiocesan Land & Properties Singapore (ALPS) comprises professionals mainly from the building and real estate industry. It provides advice to the archbishop on property matters. Over the years, ALPS has evolved into an organisation which actively plans and develops property-related policies for the archdiocese and assist parishes on land related matters. ALPS also manages the archdiocese’s properties such as the Catholic Centre and the Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre.

Catholic Foundation (CF)

The Catholic Foundation was established to promote Christian giving and provide stewardship for funds raised in support of the needs of the Catholic Church in Singapore.


The Chancery is an arm of the Archbishop’s offices that handles administrative functions such as human resource, clergy matters, records management and archives. Its primary goals are to assist the archdiocese in its administrative functions and governance, as well as to preserve and safeguard documents for the Church’s future.


The diocese is also in the process of establishing a separate Internal Audit Division, under the auspices of an Archdiocesan Audit Committee which will directly report to the Archbishop on matters related to internal controls, audit and risk management.

Other groups that take care of the archdiocese’s infrastructural needs include the Professional Standards Office, Archdiocesan Information Communications Technology Office, College of Consultors, Senate of Priests (Senate), and the Ecclesiastical Tribunal.

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