Building Projects

The Church has to ensure everyone has a place to worship and serve God, as well as find care, love, and community.

To do this, the property arm of the archdiocese, the Archdiocesan Land & Properties Singapore (ALPS), is developing a master plan of the archdiocese’s properties. The master plan will be critical in planning for the optimal use of the Church’s physical structures.

Over the years, the Church’s buildings have been renovated as they aged, with the most recent major renovation being the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. A new parish in Punggol, the Church of the Transfiguration, is currently under construction.

In addition to the parishes, the archdiocese has several properties which are in different stages of planning for redevelopment:

  • Bethany East, a residence for retired priests
  • A new seminary and formation centre
  • An archdiocesan centre

In addition, sinking funds, which do not currently exist for almost all of the Church’s properties, are being introduced.

Bethany East

There are 160 priests in the Archdiocese of Singapore in 2016, of which nearly a third have been a priest for more than 30 years.

With an expected rise in the number of retired priests in the future, the archdiocese has plans to build Bethany East, a residence to care for those who have given their lives to care for others.

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Seminary and Formation Building

The archdiocese also plans to provide better facilities for the formation of future priests and laity with a new seminary and formation centre.

Slated to be built on a plot of freehold land in front of St Joseph’s Church (Bukit Timah), the four-storey building will feature eight lecture rooms, a canteen/café, a multi-purpose hall, library, and a chapel. It will also be capable of accommodating over 20 resident seminarians and formators.

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Archdiocesan Hub


In line with the vision of the archdiocese, the number of retreats, talks, courses, programmes, services and other initiatives developed by numerous archdiocesan organisations are expected to increase in the years to come.

At present, however, the Church is already facing a squeeze to provide the needed space and facilities for the numerous programmes of archdiocesan organisations.

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Sinking Funds


In land-scarce Singapore, the optimal use of any buildings or properties is crucial in allowing the Church to grow unhindered by physical limitations.

More than a dozen properties of the Church are sitting on leasehold land today, each facing a risk of being lost if the archdiocese has insufficient funds to renew their leases when they expire.

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