Governance and Strategy Initiatives

In the course of developing the pastoral vision and plan, several committees have been formed and initiatives launched to achieve strategic outcomes. These include:

Archdiocesan Strategic Planning & Resource Committee (ASPR)

The role of the committee is to review and strategize on solutions to deal with the short, middle and long term resource needs of the Church. The committee has looked at the financing and financial organisational structure of the archdiocese and made its recommendations to the archbishop.

Church Governance and Structure Committee

The role of the committee is to review and make recommendations to the archbishop on the governance, organisational and legal structure of the Church and its entities.

Archdiocesan Audit Committee (AAC)

This will be a new permanent committee directly reporting to the archbishop. The AAC will have oversight of a new internal audit department and an external auditor. Audited accounts of the entire archdiocese will be published for 2018.

Members of the AAC are currently working with ASPR and the AFC to develop accounting guidelines and processes for parishes and archdiocesan organisations which are in line with Charity Accounting Standards in preparation for the audit.

Strategy retreats and communion symposiums


The Catholic Foundation and Office for New Evangelisation (ONE) have initiated and supported the conduct of several strategy retreats and communion symposiums for key archdiocesan organisations.