A Lego Cathedral Built in Celebration of Cathedral Dedication


A Lego Cathedral Built in Celebration of Cathedral Dedication

As part of the 12-day celebrations surrounding the dedication of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the Catholic Foundation initiated a challenge to those attending to build a Lego model of the Cathedral. The 500-brick structure was completed and offered at the closing Mass.

To build a 500-brick Lego model of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd within 12 days. This was the challenge the Catholic Foundation set for itself and those coming for the celebrations commemorating the dedication of the Cathedral.

Starting from the Cathedral’s Dedication Mass on 14 February and lasting throughout its 12 days of celebrations, the Catholic Foundation challenged participants present for various events to help build the Lego structure.

Each brick could only be contributed by one person, and in order to obtain a brick, every individual is asked to write a message or prayer to be placed on the thanksgiving wall, and optionally make a love offering in support of the archdiocese.

“We had no idea how people would respond to this and were worried we might not be able to complete the structure. But as with all things for God, we set out in faith,” said Ms Juliana Foo, Executive Director of the
Catholic Foundation.

Over the two weeks, the Catholic Foundation saw participants from all walks of life step forward to help build the Lego Cathedral. From priests and parishioners of the various archdiocese districts to young children, youth and young adults, and entire families. Even the more senior parishioners participated. Each brick on the structure not only represented different individuals’ thanksgiving and petitions, but it also captured the vibrancy of the Catholic Church in Singapore.

The completed Lego model, together with the thanksgiving messages, were offered up during the closing Mass of the cathedral celebrations on 26 February.

“I thought this was a very creative way to celebrate our Mother Church. I like how each brick represents someone’s gratitude and generosity, symbolising how the Church is built on our thanksgiving to God,” said Ms Nicole Cheok, a parishioner of the Church of St Mary of the Angels, who was present at the closing Mass.

Ms Winnie Lee, a parishioner of the Church of St Alphonsus (Novena Church), said, “I was here during the first day and contributed a piece to the Lego Cathedral. It made me feel like I played a part in building the Church, and I thought it was a great idea to drive home archbishop’s message that everyone needs to play their part to offer our generosity in terms of our time, talent, and wealth, to build up our archdiocese.”

Msgr Philip Heng SJ, the Rector of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, added, “The Lego Cathedral really affirms just how God provides through His people, much like the miracles that enabled our actual cathedral to undergo its much needed restoration.”

For the staff of the Catholic Foundation, the offering of the Lego Cathedral was deeply symbolic of the struggles and joys they face with the recently launched Giving in Faith & Thankfulness (GIFT) Campaign to build the Church of Tomorrow.

“Setting out on the Lego Cathedral Challenge was very much like our GIFT Campaign. We had no idea how people would respond or if we would reach our target within the stipulated timeline. But seeing the completed
Lego Cathedral reaffirms us of God’s providence, and the generosity of Catholics in Singapore. We believe that our archdiocese will truly grow into a more vibrant, missionary and evangelistic Church” said Ms Foo.

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