Re-energising my faith this Pentecost: Thank you for your support

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Re-energising my faith this Pentecost: Thank you for your support

In May 2023, Catholic Foundation organised a photo activity, “Re-Energising My Faith this Pentecost”, to encourage Catholics to re-ignite their faith and re-experience the life of the Church as one community, particularly since the removal of Covid-19 restrictions. Here are some inspiring entries we received that we hope will encourage more to share their faith with others.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

I am truly blessed to have two sets of godparents. I have known Ellyn and Wilfred for more than three decades since they were teaching in the school I was studying. I never knew they were Catholics then, but together with another of my closest mentors, Basil George, these three Catholics were among the most loved and revered teachers in the school. I always thank God for my godparents and their spouses since I was baptised in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour on the Feast of Christ the King in November 2005 after a ten-year prompting by the Lord, spanning multiple countries. 18 years on, my godparents are still journeying very closely with me.

I attend Mass with my godmother Ellyn and her husband Bernard on most weekends and special occasions. Knowing that we have a Mass to attend together provides the extra push on days when we are feeling physically tired or spiritually dry. Under their mentorship, I have grown personally, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually by gleaning their wisdom and life experiences.

I used to catch my godfather Wilfred at Masses when he was serving as a communion minister and accompany him on his walks in the evening. Two years ago, his wife, Kit, asked me to help him with his duties as he celebrated his 80th birthday. Bringing the Eucharist to nourish the elderly and those most in need, serving God, and extending the work of my godfather has been an immense privilege and newfound joy in my faith journey. My godfather Wilfred and I continue to serve together to uplift homebound parishioners from the Church of the Holy Family every Sunday.

My godparents have been a living testimony of the Catholic faith to my non-Catholic family. My parents enjoy a warm friendship with my godparents, connecting through social media and meeting for occasional “makans”. My parents and grandmother have become more appreciative and curious through our fervent faith and cheerful service. I have also witnessed encouraging acts of faith, placing full trust that the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts soon and lead them to love our risen Lord!

Submitted by Marie-Antonie Chua

Be Proud of Your Parish

I am a convert and I began attending Mass at the Church of Saint Mary of the Angels after I was baptised. I joined a youth group back then and attended faith-related sessions organised by my parish and also other parishes. Some years ago, I went through periods of spiritual dryness which made me feel that something was missing. However, I just could not identify what it was. At that time, I felt Mass was boring and repetitive. This feeling led to a period in which I was tempted to leave the Church to join my friends from the other denominations.

I shared this intention with Friar Clifford Augustine, OFM who was the parish priest at that time, and some of my friends. Fr Clifford’s response was, “If you can find Christ where you are heading, I won’t stop you from going; I will pray for you.” Not long after, during one of the “last few” Masses I attended, I was moved and began to tear during the Gloria. It dawned on me then that I simply could not deny the real body of Christ in the Eucharist and I could not bear to ‘bid farewell’ to Mother Mary and all the saints.

My plan to leave did not succeed. I feel God in the Eucharist, which is something I cannot find elsewhere. I have since found friendships in my parish at the Church of St Mary of the Angels, where the Franciscan Friars serve. I invite all of us to continue praying for our priests and religious, that they may continue to touch the hearts of the many whom they encounter.

Submitted by Hilda Ng

Godparents are special

Eight years after I was baptised and confirmed into the Catholic Church, my godmother and I are still celebrating Easter together. We pulled out my old baptism photo to reminisce how I was baptised at our Australian parish in our first year of university together, and the journey we have had to this day.

We came together to mark another incredible occasion – my husband receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Our sacramental marriage would not have been possible without the prayers of my godparent, my loving community and of course the vibrant, evangelising and missionary Catholic Church here in Singapore. Praise be to God!

Submitted by Elisabeth Xu (right)

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