Thank You, Dear Volunteers!

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Thank You, Dear Volunteers!

There are many ways to give to the Church beyond monetary contributions. Several volunteers offer their time and
talent to assist in the operations of Catholic Foundation and to advocate the archdiocesan pastoral vision.

Integral to the work of Catholic Foundation is a pool of volunteers who over their time and talent generously to support its mission. Working closely with the Foundation’s lean manpower, these volunteers advocate the pastoral vision and provide administrative support.

To ensure that volunteers are involved in a meaningful yet practical and effective way, volunteers are trained and assigned to assist in specific areas based on their interests, skills and talents.

More experienced volunteers are also given supervisory responsibilities and they, in turn, mentor new volunteers. Helen Koh, one of the newest additions to the community of volunteers, said, “I joined as a volunteer for the Foundation when I started feeling called to do something meaningful within the Church. My children are more independent now, allowing me the opportunity to over my time. I have learned a lot about the work and about the faith from the other volunteers who are so willing to help.”

To build its community of volunteers, induct new ones and appreciate existing ones, CF organises an annual Volunteer Day. This year, about 70 volunteers showed up at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd for the event on 30 November 2019. They took part in activities including a briefing, icebreakers, lunch and a fun quiz on Church matters.

Executive director of Catholic Foundation Juliana Foo said, “The GIFT campaign aims to rally all Catholics in Singapore to pray for, get involved, and provide resources for the growth of the archdiocese. God has blessed us with these generous people who give of themselves and continuously respond to the call to over their time and effort.”

Reflecting on the tremendous impact of these volunteers, she continued, “We would not be able to accomplish as much if we did not have our
volunteers. They give so much of themselves to build up our Church. It is only right that we take some time to appreciate these wonderful people.”

On top of regularly helping with administrative processes, the volunteers are regularly called upon to help in other areas too. They can often be found assisting the Foundation at a range of activities, such as the various fundraising events and Masses.

Esther Ng, a volunteer with the Foundation for over three years, said, “After my retirement, I wanted to serve the community and keep my mind active at the same time. Once I started volunteering at the Foundation, I realised how much I enjoyed it and am now happy to help with any task I am assigned. I am grateful for the show of appreciation. It was really good fun!”


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